To be sung ‘joyfully’ - The Fal Ranger’s Ballad

Pray supporters, gather 'round,
A tale of cans and sea abound.
Patience tested, a year gone by,
But now, the news, let spirits fly.
On January's eve, the campaign ceased,
Orders confirmed, excitement increased.
Funds flowed like the tide, to the supplier's shore,
A retort awaited, a promise to explore.
March arrived, inspections commenced,
Cannery dreams, a journey commenced.
Conditional approvals, hurdles to clear,
HACCP, training, the path was clear.
July's festival, a grand debut,
Canned Rock Oysters, a salty view.
August saw full approval's light,
Harvesting mussels, a maritime delight.
Native Oysters and Queen Scallop's call,
Product development, testing for all.
October's challenge, a technical feat,
Failed probe resolved, cans ready to meet.
Falmouth Oyster Weekend, a grand display,
Canned Native Oysters, launched that day.
November's gathering, shellfish in store,
Crew on board, ready for more.
A hiccup in December, a faulty part's dismay,
Manufacturer's woe, a game to play.
January brought proposals and talk,
A new retort sent, on a ship it walked.
February 8th, the new machine in sight,
A year and a day, but now, all is right.
Fully equipped, wisdom gained,
A moment of triumph, success unchained.
Crew returns, shellfish to gather,
Validation awaits, a task to anchor.
March approaches, the end of the season,
Cans in production, a triumphant reason.
And now, with pride, let it be known,
Canned Cornish Oysters and Mussels have grown.
To the Taste of the West, they set sail,
GOLD they earned, in a taste bud's tale!
WOW Anon! Thank You !
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