Thanks to Tom_Tries_Tins on TikTok, we have included all of his reviews, from the "best thing ever tasted out of a can", the Taste of the West Gold Award Winning Rock Oysters, and even the one Tom wasn't that impressed with, ironically the Queen Scallops in Liquor/Au Naturel, are unflavoured, but you can (when stocks allow - winter harvest) try many other flavours... 


@tom_tries_tinz I'm very excited to try the contents of these great looking tins from The Cornish Canning Company. #cornishcanningco #cornishcanningcompany #cornishshellfish #cornishseafood #britishtinnedfish #uktinnedfish #cornishtinnedfish #britishshellfish #tinnedfishlover #tinfishtok #tinnedfishtok #tinnedfish #tinnedscallops #tinnedshellfish #tinnedmussels #tinnedoysters #tasteofthewest #tasteofthewestaward ♬ original sound - tom_tries_tinz
@tom_tries_tinz Can you tell how I feel about these Cornish Rock Oysters from the Cornish Canning Company? #tinfish #tinnedfishlover #tinfishtok #tinnedfishtok #tinnedfish #tinnedshellfish #tinnedoysters #tasteofthewest #britishshellfish #cornishtinnedfish ♬ original sound - tom_tries_tinz
@tom_tries_tinz Thank you to Ranger from the @CornishCanningCo for this great parcel! #tinnedshellfish #tinnedfish #tinfishtok #tinnedfishlover #tinfish #tinnedfishtok #tinnedoysters #cornishtinnedfish #tasteofthewest #tasteofthewestaward ♬ original sound - tom_tries_tinz
@tom_tries_tinz Tinned Fish Snack Time: Cornish Queen Scallops from The Cornish Canning Co. Also, Jolly's Sparkling Elderflower and Cornish Canning Co Snack Pack. #tinnedfishtok #tinfish #tinnedfishlover #tinfishtok #tinnedfish #tinnedshellfish #tinnedscallops ♬ original sound - tom_tries_tinz


@tom_tries_tinz Rope grown mussels from The Cornish Canning Company. £15 for a tin. #tasteofthewestaward #tasteofthewestgold #tinnedshellfish #tinnedmussels #tinnedfish #tinfishtok #tinnedfishlover #tinfish #tinnedfishtok ♬ original sound - tom_tries_tinz




Comments from our Crowdfunder campaign 


Gemma Thorogood

31st January 2023

Delighted and excited by this future-thinking solution after Ranger talked us through the benefits of canning locally in Cornwall on a recent oyster catching adventure! Congratulations for getting this far and we can’t wait to see these tins fly out from Ranger’s Oyster Shack at Rock Oyster Festival in July! 🦪❤️🦪


Adam Covell

31st January 2023

Wishing you all the best and hoping to be able to stock these amazing looking products in the future. Adam & Anna Bellinis Deli Kitchen, Bude


Gill Fine

31st January 2023

Just wanted to make sure you have reached your target .Good luck with your venture


Linda Diane Reeson

30th January 2023

Wishing you the very best of luck. This will be so good for Cornwall if you succeed


Ryan Mackfall

30th January 2023




30th January 2023

Much needed. A great idea. Well done. I look forward to celebrating your success!


Moira Freeman

29th January 2023

Thanks for always being such an inspiration and teaching me the power of the peg.


Richard kirk

29th January 2023

Best of luck with this Chris, native oysters in a can is a dream come true!


Christine Kirk

29th January 2023

Good luck Chris with the Cornish Canning company!


Terry & Carol Barker

29th January 2023

Good luck with this campaign!


Rebekah G Larcombe

20th January 2023

Love this idea! Big fan of preserved fish and seafood :)


Clare Blythe

16th January 2023

Best of luck. Cannot wait to try 'em.


Matthew O'Callaghan

15th January 2023

Good Luck. Matthew O'Callaghan


Jane Smale

15th January 2023

Yes.Yes.Yes. Really hope you go all the way, have watched your IG hatchery updates with great excitement. 🙌



30th December 2022

Great idea



30th December 2022

Bigup bro your an inspiration xx


Simon Pearson

28th December 2022

I think it is vital for us as a country to produce as much of our own food as we can, and your enterprise will help people to realize the importance of this.



24th December 2022

Kippers next....


James Staughton

23rd December 2022

Wishing you every success with this excellent initiative.


Fabian Ruth Wicinski

22nd December 2022

I wish you the very best of luck with your venture. I fully support your traditional and innovative approach. I think your thinking is the kind of thinking that gets good stuff done proper!


The Earl and Countess of Lichfield

21st December 2022

Good Luck! Fantastic idea and happy to buy regularly.


Gordon Seabright

21st December 2022

Suggest you contact The Tinned Fish Market who retail at a number of London locations including my local Broadway Market.



21st December 2022

This is a great idea to support our traditional under sail oyster fishery


Roland Hallett

20th December 2022

All the best R&R


John Fulwood

20th December 2022

Wonderful project- my family came from Mylor in the 19th century


Ian Ashbarry

19th December 2022

Good luck pard.


Mick Fleetwood

19th December 2022

Good luck, 'Cannery Row' here we come !!!


Thom Pod

19th December 2022

Support local Cornish industry for sustainable food. Best in the West, By the People's Test!


Guy Doble

18th December 2022

Sounds like a great venture Chris, wish you all success.



13th December 2022

Best of luck to your project!


Alex “Ramen boy” Del

10th December 2022

Best of luck Ranger San. 💪💪💪


Alison Cable

7th December 2022

The unique fishing environment in the Fal is to be treasured, and I welcome the initiative that prevents waste.


Rory Donnelly

7th December 2022

Great idea Ranger - keep up the hard work doing something you love..


Rob mcdowell

6th December 2022

Totally support whatever you’re doing Ranger. Looking forward to the exciting batch of canned stuff next year and that bottle of Cornish rum you promised me (in Dz, remember)… Fantastic


Tina Rangecroft

6th December 2022

Good Luck Ranger, great idea!


Richard Moss

6th December 2022

Keep up the good work old Sausage you are a grafter and you will succeed x


Adam Purser

5th December 2022

Well done Ranger.


David Garwood

1st December 2022

we really want to support sustainability in Falmouth Harbour and applaud Fal Fishery CIC and all the work they are doing towards this.