AWARD WINNING - Taste of the West 2024

In December 2023 we entered both the Canned Cornish Rock Oysters and the Canned Cornish Mussels to the

Taste of the West - Cornish Canning Co

Product Awards - Category FISH for 2024

and on 8th January we were informed both had won GOLD AWARDS and would be entered into the next rounds to decide Supreme Champions, later in the year… 

Taste of the West - Product Award 2024 -GOLD   Taste of the West - Product Awards - GOLD

Cornish Rock Oysters & Cornish Mussels

... obviously we were absolutely delighted with our first awards, having only launched our first product, Cornish Rock Oysters, 6 months ago at 'Ranger's Oyster Bar' at Rock Oyster Festival in July, and then the Cornish Mussels, along with the Cornish Native Oysters in October at 'Ranger's Oyster Bar' during Falmouth Oyster Festival...

...While there are other producers in England that do 'can' food & drinks, we believe we are the first fully accredited in-house fish cannery because we have our premises approved (GB CQ735), our staff are fully trained not just in preparing food and packaging it, but also in Level 3 Manufacturing & HACCP and the thermal validation of our products, we have spent over 10 years dreaming, 5 years planning, 2 years seeking funding, and in 2023 we spent a great deal of time with our inspector proving every step of the process was safe and validated, and completed all the stages detailed on the page 'How It Started...:'


Roll on 2024 and watch out for our new range of Cornish Tinned Fish coming soon!