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London Oyster Championships 2023
Ranger's 'Best Dressed Oyster' Entry
Photo: David Charbit

There are several reasons we are evolving in to canned food manufacturing:

Firstly, while CIC members are gathering the 'low yield high value' Native Oysters they also harvest various other shellfish as bycatch, including Queen Scallops, wild and rope grown Mussels and invasive Pacific Oysters, all of which are a great source of food protein. However, hand gathering is very labour intensive and often only small yields, so larger markets are hard to supply.

Secondly, while at the many gatherings and festivals our founders find that so many of you "love the taste, but hate the hassle of opening/preparing shellfish", or “think they’re slimey (not if you chew them)” !! Or in addition many share "fears of injury when opening oysters, or simply suffering from the inability to open them" and despite our members approved processing practices, many are worried about the "water quality where shellfish is harvested".

Finally, shellfish generally has a shelf life of 3-7 days when stored in perfect conditions. So, despite the ethical and traditional methods in harvesting, the lengthy and costly process of purification to remove any bacteria that 'may occasionally' be present, the care and attention given to handling live shellfish, we all absolutely hate it when volatile markets change or collapse and our finest shellfish just goes in the bin (Brexit wiped out some export routes, Covid closed many hospitality customers and news of sewage in our waters dramatically effected domestic web sales).

The Cornish Canning Co manufacturing process will: purify shellfish to kill bacteria, professionally open the shellfish so you don't have to, prepare them so no reason not to try, complimentary flavour lightly by cold smoking or with well known dressings and finally commercially sterilise all products for safe eating, more firmness and longer shelf life - typically anything from 6 months to 5 years!