Ranger's 'Best Dressed Oyster' Entry

London Oyster Championships - Photo David Charbit

Hosting a seafood soiree?

Cornwall's first cannery, since the 1940s, gets approval 31st March 2023.

We produce, process, package and distribute our own
AWARD WINNING canned produce,
no out sourcing and no carbon footprint

We also sell 'conservas' from other European artisan canneries, AND now Jolly's Canned Cornish Soft Drinks to accompany your Canned Cornish Fish & Shellfish


'Canned Fish' is available in all supermarkets, but when abroad the word 'Conservas' describes the finest quality ingredients that are preserved in cans, usually in small batches, that is what we do...

... and that is why we are AWARD WINNING... Taste of the West 2024 Product Awards -

Canned Cornish Rock Oysters - GOLD AWARD

Canned Cornish Mussels - GOLD AWARD

Cornish Canning Co - source the finest produce from ethical and respectful producers, processes and manufactures in 5 hygiene rated premises, using wind & solar energy, and pays a fair but at minimum the Real Living Wage for skilled and qualified food operators, all of which ensures you have a safe and tasty gourmet snack, that you can take anywhere and impress anyone!

Keep an eye out here, and on social media, for exciting news about our
Cornish Tinned Fish range coming very soon (microbiological testing done)!

(Currently only shipping to UK, but worldwide distribution is imminent)

We can also provide full design, consultancy, manufacturing, compliance and distribution
of heat preserved foods to other producers


By Tomé Morrissy-Swan 15 February 2023 • 12:00pm

"In January, oysterman Chris Ranger hit his £10,000 Crowdfunding target and took one step closer to his dream: to launch the first fish canning operation in Cornwall since the 1940s. Having fished along the Cornish coast for 15 years, Ranger has seen his key markets evaporate. Brexit killed exports, he says, and Covid wiped out hospitality sales. He believes canning his low-yield product of native oysters to preserve them is the answer – and he has a nation that’s dying to devour them from the tin.

For tinned fish is decidedly in."



Becca Millstein, who co-founded a company after noticing a gap in tinned fish innovation in the U.S., argues bringing this elevated tinned fish experience to the market comes at a cost. “These products are expensive because high quality, sustainably sourced seafood is extremely expensive.”

Precautionary Allergen Label (PAL)

Allergen Advice: despite our highest hygiene practices, due to the way our food is prepared,
it is not possible to guarantee the absence of ANY allergens, in our products',
see products for allergens.

Introducing the Cornish Canning Co - Smoked Oysters

  • Crowdfunder

    Thank you to all the amazing supporters on Crowdfunder, who helped reach an all or nothing target on 31st January 2023

  • Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC

    Cornish Canning Co worked in collaboration with the 'community interest company' that aims to ensure a healthy habitat and sustainable stocks

    "To apply the wisdom from past 15yrs work on a unique sailboat fishery, create new markets for our industry, and develop research towards future studies of environmental (planet), social (people) and economic (profit) values." Ranger

  • Co-op Foundation

    The Cornish Canning Co has been Ranger's dream for more than a decade, and was founded in 2022 following a successful pitch, via the CIC, to the Co-op Foundation's Carbon Innovation Fund

    Co-op Foundation