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Quick Snack Travel Pack

Quick Snack Travel Pack

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The 'Quick Snack Travel Pack' includes everything you need to enjoy and share our cans while on your adventures, pack includes:

6 Cornish Seaweed Thins*
1 Mini Tabasco**
2 Cocktail Sticks
2 Napkins

We highly recommend the Cornish Seaweed Company's 'Seaweed Thins'* to accompany our cans, you'll find packs available in this shop, but while thinking of a gift to the Crowdfunder supporters (who helped fund the retort used to sterilise the cans), this inspired idea popped out... 

These crunchy Seaweed Thins combine the rich butteryness of a traditional cracker with the deep and unique taste of our Cornish seaweed. Seasoned with organic seaweeds which have been lovingly hand-harvested by our small team of seaweeders, and hand-made by a Cornish artisan baker, they will leave you wanting more! 

Shelf life of 12 months. Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened store in an airtight container, which we have done for you!

With only 5 well-sourced ingredients, they are a purely delightful treat.

*Ingredients: wheat flour (gluten), butter (dairy), organic Cornish seaweed, Cornish sea salt, pepper.

For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.

Free from hydrogenated fats. Thickness can sometimes vary; biscuits are hand-packed by weight.

Please be aware that these products may have been made in a factory which uses seeds or seed oil in some of it's other products. Consumer discretion advised. 

**Tabasco ORIGINAL Ingredients - distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt
**Tabasco JALAPENO Ingredients. Distilled vinegar, jalapeño pepper, water, salt, cornstarch, xanthan gum, and ascorbic acid “to preserve freshness.”

Cornstarch is derived from corn, a naturally gluten-free grain. As no other ingredients are required to make it, it's generally gluten-free. However, some cornstarch may harbor trace amounts if it was manufactured in a facility that also makes gluten-containing products.


Our inaugural product range of: mussels, oysters & scallops are obviously MOLLUSCS, which is an ALLERGEN !

In addition some dressings may contain ingredients that also contain ALLERGENS !!


But you 'can' always order for someone else...

Shipping & Returns

We offer a full replacement on items damaged in the post, subject to photographic evidence and product returned to us


Care Instructions

Our canned shellfish is suitable for ambient temperature storage, but you can always chill it in the fridge too

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Pre-orders now being taken...

While we are rapidly developing the products (image shows our 2nd scoping exercise with data loggers), we are currently awaiting delivery of the final piece of equipment, due end of Feb23, so ALL February 2023 orders are currently PRE-ORDERS, dispatch is planned for March 2023

  • 95% less carbon in delivery*

    Our packaging has reduced the carbon footprint of live shellfish courier delivery by an estimated 95%

  • Hassle-Free Refunds

    If your can is damaged in the post, we will offer a full replacement service including the cost of returning item to us